Routledge The Sharia State

Set against the backdrop of Arab Spring, The Sharia State examines Islamist concept of political order. This is based on a new interpretation of sharia and has been dubbed "the Islamic state" by Islamists.


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Routledge Neo Piagetian Theories of Cognitive Development

Educationalists espoused Piaget's theory of cognitive development with enthusiasm in late 1960's. Since then however, models have been widely criticised and fallen out of favour. The Neo Piagetians, as they dubbed, atte


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Palgrave Macmillan Theism and Atheism in a Post Secular Age

This book examines the post secular idea of 'religion for non believers'. The new form of unbelief which is dubbed as 'tourist atheism' is not based on absolute rejection of as a 'dangerous illusion' or 'mere prejudice'. Tourist atheists


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Huub Skull Cap SS23 Black mens womens Medium

Huub Skull Cap The is a fully adjustable swim hat. It has an strap for extra comfort when swimming in open water. Constructed using a high grade neoprene, the is designed to ensure and warmth. Dubbed most comfortable cap on market, this sits comfortably against head ears to keep you in swims. thick construction ensures added in any cold so can continue with strength speed. Completing skull is a chin which be adjusted to a perfect fit.


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Palgrave Macmillan Critical Anthropological Engagements in Human Alterity

This book explores how one measures and analyzes human alterity difference in an interconnected ever globalizing world. critically assesses the impact of what has often been dubbed 'the ontological turn' within anthropology in or


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WSPC Battle for Hearts and Minds

The Singapore 2011 General Election was dubbed by some as the first "Internet" election. How far is this true and to what extent did old new media influence voting behaviour political participation? What role of Facebook,


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University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division Big Pharma,

In 2010, Thea Cacchioni testified before the US Food and Drug Administration against flibanserin, a drug proposed to treat low sexual desire in women, dubbed by media "pink Viagra." She was one of many academics activists sounding


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Vernon, howard awful doctor orlof, the (aka diabolical dr satan) (dubbed)

awful doctor orlof, the (aka diabolical dr satan) (dubbed) [import anglais] vernon, howard disc


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Health Press Fast Facts: Hypertension

Hypertension is a highly treatable risk factor for cardiovascular disease, yet it remains underdiagnosed, undertreated and, in many cases, poorly controlled. Sometimes dubbed 'the silent killer', hypertension rarely produces symptoms until it mani


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Various Dubbed Out in Dc

Binding : Audio CD, Label : Rykodisc (Warner), Publisher : NumberOfDiscs : 1, PackageQuantity : 1, medium : releaseDate : 2009 08 03, artists : Various


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